Manchester Farm site work rescheduled for July 11/12

Geotech boring work originally planned for early June has been rescheduled to begin tomorrow, July 11th

This work generally occurs within the footprint of the existing stormwater management facility at Manchester Farm. Five borings will be completed with a truck or track mounted geotechnical drill rig, allowing project engineers to evaluate subsurface conditions within the facility’s bottom as part of the engineering design process. The work will take approximately one to two days to complete, after which the borings will be backfilled with bentonite, a clay substance that swells when it encounters water to reseal the boring.

Please anticipate some noise from the drill rig motor and mechanical thumping when evaluating the density of subsurface soils. Any immediate surface evidence of the work, including flattened grasses from truck passage and around the borings themselves will resolve, leaving no long-term visual impact of the work. 

Our crew will access the site via Steeple Rd. Minor tree trimming may be required to allow the drill rig to access the site. 

While on-site, project engineers will also be identifying subsurface utility lines. This may include the placement of flags and/or paint markings on the ground. Flags are meant only to identify existing conditions, rather than to indicate the presence of any future project features. 

Please contact our team at (301) 960-5355 or via email to with any additional questions. 

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