6/28/23 Community Meeting Recap

Thank you to those of you who joined us earlier this week to learn more about the upcoming retrofit of an existing stormwater management facility in the Manchester Farm community. If you missed the meeting, the presentation shared with those in attendance is available here on the project website. You can also see below the questions asked at the meeting, along with responses from our team. 

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions at info@GreenManchesterFarm.com or via phone/text at 301-960-5355. You can also click here to sign up for project updates and future meeting alerts and here for additional project resources and information.

Questions asked by residents at the meeting

Why is construction not scheduled to begin until late 2024/early 2025?

The project must pass rigorous review and approval processes established by County, State and Federal agencies developed to maximize safety, minimize environmental impacts and ensure modern design standards are met. As such, we anticipate that project design, planning and permitting will take nearly two years to complete, which puts us at the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025 for construction kick-off.

Can anything be done to support properties close to the stream which have experienced erosion?

GreenVest’s work at Manchester Farm is designed to enhance the stability of the existing stream channel and update/rehabilitate existing stormwater management ponds. Montgomery County is responsible for maintaining these projects. Residents concerned with sediment or erosion outside of this project’s scope should contact the county via the MC311 system.

How often will the community be updated on the project?

GreenVest will host a second in-person meeting for residents at the end of 2023, once initial concept plans are complete. These meetings typically last approximately an hour and a half to allow plenty of time for discussion and Q&A. Residents will also be invited to attend site walks with the GreenVest team before and after construction is completed. Project updates and site work alerts will be posted on the project website, where you can also sign up to receive email and/or text alerts. Our team is also available to speak with residents directly at any point in the process, which can be arranged by emailing info@GreenManchesterFarm.com or by calling or texting us at 301-960-5355.

Who is currently responsible for maintenance of the property?

The Manchester Farms Community Association is currently responsible for maintenance of the existing stormwater management facilities. Once the project is complete, GreenVest will provide a 1-yr guarantee on the completed stormwater management facility, stream restoration and outfall stabilization after which, Montgomery County will be responsible for the execution and cost of post-construction monitoring and structural maintenance. The County will also help to monitor the establishment of riparian buffer plantings. The HOA will continue its responsibility for non-structural maintenance, including grass cutting, general landscaping and trash removal. A more detailed description of post-construction maintenance can be found on slide 14 of the presentation shared at the community meeting. 

What is a riparian buffer?

A riparian buffer is an area of vegetation, usually including trees and shrubs, adjacent to a water body. Healthy riparian buffers are important for water quality, infrastructure protection and wildlife habitat, providing several benefits that include:

  • Naturally filtering sediment, nutrients, pesticides and other pollutants from stormwater runoff before entering water bodies.
  • Root masses and overhanging vegetation stabilize eroding banks to slow stream channel degradation.
  • Enhancing habitat diversity by providing shade, shelter and food for fish and other aquatic organisms.
  • Protecting downstream communities from flood damage by storing and absorbing stormwater runoff in floodplain areas.

How far from the tree line will work be completed off Steeple Road?

Tree lines included in initial concept plan maps are meant to convey construction access points, rather than indicate any specific encroachment of a tree line. Grading for the new SGSMSs will remain largely inside the existing facility footprints. While we anticipate that some tree removal will be required along the west side of the project’s boundaries (adjacent to Steeple Road), we very much appreciate the importance of local viewsheds and will maintain tree lines between Steeple Rd. and the project site to help protect views of the facility from the Steeple Road. The intent of our design is to minimize tree loss to the maximum extent practicable while providing the most amount of stormwater storage and nutrient processing required to meet the County’s water quality improvement goals and requirements. Once initial concept plans are complete, we will share additional details with residents regarding the location of tree removal.

Who is responsible for the cost of this project?

The County funds all work performed within the County’s MS4 permit. The community will bear no cost for the restoration projects.

What will be the final elevation of SGSMSs compared to existing elevations?

Bottom elevations of the SGSMSs will be increased to allow for the placement of the stone filtration and organic growth mediums. Existing and approximate future elevations are as follows:

Facility 1

Existing Pond: 353’ 

Future SGSMS (approx.): 354’

Facility 2

Existing Pond: 354’

Future SGSMS (approx.): 356’

Facility 3

Existing Pond: 347’

Future SGSMS (approx.): 350.5’

What exactly is being done to stabilize the stream channel as it relates to slope stabilization?

Work will occur within the existing stormwater easement. No work is planned on private property whereresidents have noted slope failure. By stabilizing the existing stream channel, storm flows will be directed to the stream channel and SGSMSs, which should indirectly help to address slope issues. GreenVest is working to evaluate the historic slope failures that have occurred in this area and is monitoring current conditions. 

Will construction access occur only from Steeple Rd?

Construction parking, staging and stockpiling for the SGSMS retrofit will occur along Steeple Road, near the existing facility access point. The stream and outfall channels will be used as primary access points for stream restoration work in this area.

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