12/5/23 Community Meeting Recap

GreenVest hosted a second, virtual public meeting on December 5th to provide residents with updates on the stormwater restoration project at Manchester Farm. Members of the project’s engineering, design and construction teams joined GreenVest’s Project lead to:

• Review County water quality goals and requirements related to the Manchester Farm project.
• Provide summaries of project work and progress to-date.
• Provide an overview of updated design and construction plans.
• Share the County DEP’s long-term maintenance requirements and approximate cadence.
• Confirm approximate schedules for ongoing planning and future construction.
• Discuss opportunities to walk the site with the team before and after construction.

Click here to see the presentation shared at the meeting. A summary of the questions and answers covered at the meeting, including project next steps and timelines, is also included below.

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Residents can also message Hilary@GreenManchesterFarm.com to speak with directly with the project team or request this information in a different language.

December 5th Question & Answer

Does the project have final approval by the County?
As a Montgomery County subcontractor/partner on this project, GreenVest’s work at Manchester Farm is performed pursuant to the County’s direction and its established processes for stormwater management project design, permitting and construction – much of which is set forth by state and federal mandates, which include established Best Management Practices (BMPs) for water quality improvement strategies. The project is currently in the design and permitting phase which includes various permit applications for right of way, forest conservation and more. Prior to implementation, the project will require state, federal, and County permits.

How will any necessary tree removals impact viewsheds for residents?
Project design prioritizes minimal tree removal, as well as the protection of existing open space and resident view sheds across the valley. Tree removal will only occur to ensure public safety, allow construction access, extract dead or dying trees, or to ensure the facility complies with County and state regulations. This will primarily occur closer to Steeple Road near the existing stormwater management facilities to protect the restored systems from encroachment by tree roots, a safety requirement set forth by the state. Minimal tree removal will also be necessary along portions of the outfall to stabilize undercut banks where trees are falling down or dead. Removed trees will be replanted according to County standards.

Planting plans will be complete with the 65% design plan. In the meantime, we invite residents to share thoughts on plant species and/or specific screening areas via the project website or by emailing Hilary@GreenManchesterFarm.com. Someone from the team will respond within 24 hours.

What’s next?
Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2025 and is expected to last approximately six months. Residents will be invited to attend a pre-construction field walk in December 2024 or January 2025, as well as a post-construction field walk once work is complete. Click here to sign up for field walk and construction alerts via email and/or text. Notice will also be posted here on the project website.

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